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  1. Q: What is the setup fee?
    A: Set up fees are one-time fees that pay for the conversion of your digital file to an embroidery file. When you order more than 12 hats, this fee is waived.
  2. Q: Will I get a proof before I order?
    A: only after you place your order, we will digitize your design and show you an actual stitched image of your logo for approval before embroidering.
  3. Q: What is your turnaround on bulk hat orders?
    A: Thanks to the many Embroidery machines that we have, we are usually able to finish your job in 4-5 days after you approve the art file.
  4. Q: Do you have all the hats in stock?
    A: Yes, all the hats shown on our website are in stock.
  5. Q: Where are my hats being embroidered?
    A: We are a company based in the US; everything from designing, to embroidering your hats, happens in house with our top of the line ZSK Embroidery machines.
  6. Q: Do you have a minimum order price, can I order just one hat?
    A: We do not have a minimum, and yes you can order just one hat. We suggest you order multiple to save on the set-up fee and get a better over all price.
  7. Q: Do you have a size limit?
    A: Center front can be 5 by 2.5 inches high, and left panel can be 2.30 by 2.95 inches wide for most hats.
  8. Q: Can I order a hat that is not on the list?
    A: Yes, the hats on our list are the ones we have in stock, but if you want a specific hat and do not see it, contact us and we will see how we can help.
  9. Q: Can you do 3D puff embroidery
    A: Yes, Sure for an additional cost. Please email us your logo before placing the order so we can see if ed is possible.
  10. Q: Can you embroider on different items, or just on hats?
    A: We can embroider on anything! Email us for any special requests.


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